Our Legacy

During the Depression, an enterprising Joseph Faigle Sr. first began the business, going door-to-door buying gold. With the money raised from his effort, he was able to rent a tiny space in a building in downtown Cincinnati. He brought his brother along with him, and together they began to repair and create fine jewelry pieces.

After the two later parted, in 1946, Joseph Sr. bought a small house on Quebec Road in the Fairmount area of the city and began Joseph Faigle and Sons Jewelers. With the help of his two sons, Joseph Jr. and Gilbert, they converted the basement into a little jewelry workshop, and from there the three began to do jewelry work throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s for some of the finest jewelry stores in Cincinnati, as well as extending their services to stores from Louisville to Memphis.

After outgrowing the basement on Quebec Road, they moved the shop to a larger, second story office on Casa Loma in Western Hills in 1960, further extending their services to more jewelry stores.

On the final day of his eighth grade year at Our Lady of Victory, in 1965, with thumb extended, Steve caught a ride to Casa Loma and his jewelry career began. He learned the trade of a bench jeweler by working alongside his grandfather, father and uncle, and was soon doing his share of jewelry work for those same fine jewelry stores.

In 1971, after successful years of servicing other jewelry stores, and the idea of selling to the general public grew, Joseph Sr. bought an impressive building at 4969 Glenway Avenue. With this purchase, they were a street level, full retail jewelry store. Now under the store name of Faigle Jewelers they flourished throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s under the guidance of Steve’s father, Joe, and Uncle Gil, with Steve’s role in the business growing more important. In 1984, grandfather and founder Joseph Sr. passed away, leaving the business to the next generation.

In 1987, Joseph Jr. and Gil parted ways but Steve and his father remained in the Glenway building, and was once again renamed Joseph Faigle and Sons Jewelers. With Joseph Sr. eying retirement, the business was handed over to Steve and his two brothers, Dave and Joe Jr. The three saw the business grow into a great success and continued to serve the Western Hills area and beyond. Sadly, 1996 brought the passing of their father, Joseph Faigle Sr. Still, Steve and his brothers carried the business on to even more success. Once again, sadness found them with the passing of their beloved brother, Joe Jr., in 2006. Steve and Dave were the lone two partners now. In its seventieth year, Steve and Dave ended their partnership. With the opening of Steve Faigle Legacy Jewelers, Steve looks to continue and further build onto the legacy created by himself and previous generations of being the finest jewelry store in Western Hills. He invites all from near, far and wide to come to their new store at 3301 Westbourne Avenue, and join him and his wife, Kathy, his daughter, Julie, his son, Matthew, and his cousin, Jeanne, when you need a jewelry repair or a new piece for your collection or just to say hello to old friends.

Our legacy continues…